Bradenton is a part of Ana Maria Island and it lies at its southern end. Popular for its pristine white sand and the tree lined beach properties Bradenton epitomizes the picture perfect tropical postcard. The area is perfect for a Florida beach vacation with the family or friends. It plays host to various events and is home to some wonderful scenic parks. One of the more popular events is the sand sculpting contest that is held every two years and sees local and international artist showing off their mettle. The Bradenton Pier is the prefect setting for a lazy afternoon fishing session. It also has a restaurant which is famed for its lobster bisque. Cortez Beach remains the most exclusive area of Bradenton. It lies to the north of Coquina Beach and has all the amenities like free parking, restrooms and life guards to turn your visit into the prefect Florida beach vacation. Nature is in its full bloom all around as Australian Pines and Sea grapes sway in the cool tropical breeze

The area is brimming with scores of recreational options. You can opt for the traditional beach activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing with all the gear easily available on the beach. If you are an art aficionado a visit to the Art District in Downtown Bradenton should certainly be on the cards. You can also rent a bike or a canoe to see the natural gems that surround Bradenton. The Manatee is by far the county’s favorite mammal so the Lake Manatee State Recreation area is aptly named; it provides 550 acres of untouched scenic beauty and is perfect for a leisurely picnic . You an even rent a boat to take you through the little nooks of the area that play home to diverse wildlife or indulge in some fishing. Other parks in the area are the Katie Peirola Sunset Park which as the name suggest is acclaimed for its sunset and Herb Dolan Park which offers the most extensive view of Sarasota Bay and Tampa Bay

Bradenton has a host of culinary paradises to choose from. For home style cooking The Gathering Place is the best. The SunHouse Restaurant and Bar serves lip smacking sea food delicacies cooked in Caribbean style. If you have a sweet tooth what better than crepes to satiate it; head to the Island Creperie for the best crepes in town. If Italian food is on your mind OMA Pizza and Italian Restaurant serve tantalizing delicacies and finally the Bradenton Bach Pier & Cafe, the name says it all, the freshest catch of the day and the backdrop of the sun disappearing into the ocean add a glass of wine to it and that’s the stuff heavens are made of.