Crystal River Florida is a piece of tropical heaven situated in the gorgeous Nature Coast of Florida. It lies along the Nature Coast in Citrus County. It is part of old world Florida and includes water bodies like bays, streams overflowing with crystal clear water. The area abounds not only in spectacular natural beauty but also in wildlife. Crystal River has the largest winter manatee herd in the world. Even if you are not going to Crystal River in winter you can still spot a member of the resident manatee population almost all year round. The area is a veritable paradise for fishing fans. The waters are teeming with fishes of all species like Trout, Red fish, Grouper. Cobia, Specs, Cat fish and Bass. The people of Crystal River are famous for their friendly and outgoing Nature which makes the Crystal river experience worth enjoying year after year. It is the ideal spot for a Florida beach vacation.

Crystal River Florida offers a host of recreational activities for Florida Beach Vacation Goers. Many of these activities are related to the areas favorite residents the Manatees. The water of Crystal River is clear and warm and perfect for a dive with the manatees and fishes alike. The region with its abundant fish population is perfect for leisurely fishing afternoons. The area also has a good number of parks all offering various recreational facilities. Some of these popular parks are the Crystal River State Archeological Park and Crystal River Preserve State Park. If you are in Crystal River at the end of the month you can take the sunset cruise which offers visitors to the Crystal River Preserve State Park a surreal sunset experience with refreshments onboard. Another enjoyable tour is the Heritage-Eco River Tour which gives you historical facts about the region and takes you through the most well preserved natural spots in the park. If you would rather go for the traditional beach activities there is ample scope for that as well. You can rent canoes, boats, kayaks from the many vendors in the area or take Fishing and Bird watching Charters. A unique option is the Horseback Riding Guided Trail Rides through the Goethe Forest is just the right spot to polish your riding skills.

Crystal River Florida plays host to a multitude of restaurants each offering something special in its genre. For instance if you are looking for sea food you can go to Plantation Inn and Golf Resort, or Charlie's Fish House Restaurant. For American cuisine the best places are Denny's, Crystal Paradise and Fat Boys Bar-B-Q. If you are looking for Italian cuisine you can try Skooter's and for a juicy steak the best places would be Grannie's Restaurant and Oyster's Restaurant. Other popular restaurants in the area are Corn Dog on a Stick and J's Country Kitchen

Accommodation facilities in the area include the Crystal River Landings Vacation Condo which is a two bedroom condo on the second floor. Not only is the place well decorated they are pet friendly too so you can get your pets along on your Florida Beach vacation

Crystal River offers a unique Florida Beach vacation experience which you need to see for yourself. So take the next flight out.